Tet 2.0?

A NATO chopper hunts down militants attacking Tuesday / Photo by Shah Marai / AFP / Getty Images

Astute longtime DIA intelligence analyst John McCreary reviews what happened Tuesday in Kabul and doesn't like what he sees:

Three major Taliban attacks have taken place in Kabul this summer…One such attack is a perhaps good fortune. A second might have been a coincidence, but three is a strategic trend. Violent instability is always centripetal - it seeks the center of power. The images of the Coalition and Afghan forces fighting to defend themselves in Kabul mean the insurgency has reached the center of power. The small casualty count only means that the Taliban cannot yet seize power in Kabul. But if the Coalition were winning, these attacks should never have taken place at all. Kabul of all places should be kept secure, if the lessons of Tet 1968 had been learned.

Read the full thing on his NightWatch blog.

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