Senate votes on renewable energy

The Energy Bill of 2007 did not pass the Senate with the much discussed renewable energy plans in place. The Senate voted as follows on December 13th:

Republican Senators Voting ‘Nay’ on Cloture Vote for Energy Bill Tax Title

Stevens (AK), Sessions, Shelby (AL), Kyl (AZ), Allard (CO), Martinez (FL)
Chambliss, Isakson (GA), Craig, Crapo (ID), Brownback, Roberts (KS)
Bunning, McConnell (KY), Vitter (LA), Bond (MO), Cochran, Lott (MS)
Burr, Dole (NC), Hagel (NE), Gregg, Sununu (NH), Domenici (NM), Ensign (NV) Voinovich (OH), Coburn, Inhofe (OK), Specter (PA), DeMint, Graham (SC)
Alexander, Corker (TN), Cornyn, Hutchison (TX), Bennett (UT), Warner (VA)
Barrasso, Enzi (WY)

Republican Senators Not Voting on Energy Bill Cloture Vote

McCain (AZ)

Democratic Senators Voting ‘Nay’ on Cloture Vote for Energy Bill Tax Title

Landrieu (LA)

A farm bill did pass the Senate with some tax credits for wind energy and alternative fuel production, but so did the budget bill, which passed the Senate with billions of dollars approved for Iraq war funding. There seem to be some very slight inroads into the Senate for renewable energy support, but those inroads are overwhelmed by the support for America’s oil addiction.

I did receive a letter back from the offices of Kay Bailey Hutchinson, one of the Texas Senators that I wrote to exclaiming my support for the renewable energy language in the failed Energy Bill. The letter that I received back explained that there “may be as much as 10.7 billion barrels of oil located in designated production areas of the Artic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).” This feels a lot like another argument I once heard about using disposable vs. cloth diapers - ‘When the landfills are full, we can start throwing trash in the Grand Canyon.’ While this is a solution, it doesn’t quite feel like the optimal one. I’m going to keep writing, clarifying my views; please do the same with your Senators.

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