Not Only That: They Missed

Cmdr. Mark Olson, USN

A tough week is nearly over. It's been pouring nonstop in the East, floods are inundating the northeast, GOP presidential candidates are hectoring one another, fires are racing across Texas, President Obama's pleading for work from Congress, and someone turned the lights out in San Diego.

Just thank God you're not Commander Mark Olson, U.S. Navy, who until Wednesday commanded the guided missile destroyer USS The Sullivans:

Olson was in command on Aug. 17 when the ship was conducting a gunnery exercise at the Cherry Point Operating Range Area, off the North Carolina coast. During the exercise, The Sullivans mistook a fishing vessel for a towed gunnery target and began firing inert rounds at the vessel. They landed close but did not strike the boat. None of the fishermen was harmed, 2nd Fleet said.

He's the 18th Navy captain relieved of command this year, topping last year's toll. And there's still nearly a third of the year to go.

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