Kidnapping the Dead in Afghanistan?

Daud Daud, with beard, and U.S. and German generals April 11, 48 days before a bomb killed him / Navy photo by Jason Johnston

There are many horrific videos easily found on the web showing the Taliban or al Qaeda brutally killing their foes. It's televised terrorism, and we don't post such gratuitous gruesomeness on Battleland. But this story, about the apparent desecration of a corpse earlier this week, passes muster. First, it doesn't involve killing. Secondly, it should tell us something (I'm still trying to figure out precisely what) about the enemy in Afghanistan:

Unknown militants attacked the gravesite of slain Afghan National Police General Daud Daud in the northern province of Takhar…A security officer from the northern zone told reporters that a number of militants attacked the security post established next to the gravesite in the Farkhar district - killing two officers and injuring a third - before storming the ancestral gravesite of General Daud Daud and destroying the tomb. The security officer could neither confirm nor deny if the gunmen exhumed the body of Daud and took it away as they fled.

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