Hybrids in Bollywood

India is the second largest two-wheeler market in the world and the fourth largest commercial vehicle market in the world. While only the 11th largest in terms of passenger cars, India is projected to become the seventh largest market in the world by 2016.

At the New Delhi Auto Show today, Honda announced it will begin selling a hybrid version of the Civic in India sometime later this year. According to Reuters, the head of Honda’s India operations, M. Takedagawa, declared that, “We have decided to launch the Civic hybrid this year.”

“That’s about all the details we have as of now,” admits Sebastian Blanco. “I suppose this helps the 1do-they-or-don’t-they discussion about Honda loving hybrids a bit in the “they do” direction.”

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Well, if you weren’t so busy, Mister Geek about Town, we might like to know if the Kia Rio Hybrid is soon to follow? And, maybe a follow-up on efforts in India to develop their own hybrid. Last February Sindhu Bhattacharya2 reported that Mahindra expected to have a hybrid available within 18 months and had announced plans for hybrids across their entire product range.

No, I don’t know how to say Bollywood in Hindi.
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