Along with the Detroit shuffle to diesel engines in passenger cars, Ford also is considering GTDI (Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection) engines as a way to meet an increase in CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy).

Over the next five years Ford plans to have at least 500,000 cars a year powered by GTDI engines. Autoblog Green lists the advantages:

“The variable boost control and variable valve timing will allow for greater control flexibility”, allowing engines to run on ethanol. If this all sounds familiar, you are correct, Bosch designed such a system years ago. Car makers selling to the Brazilian market adopted it because of improved “flex-fuel” performance.

Since Ford competes in this market, Ford engineers had to keep up with the competition. So, now, the technology gets transferred up North. As ABG commentator rgseidl observes, “Ford is late to the downsizing party, but better late than never.”

Raffie, how bounderish! Here Clay gets to your cool ICE party, stylishly late, and you are scathing about the shoddiness of his togs, especially after he got his plants all cleaned up for the occasion. Tsk-tsk. Similar Posts: And, The Winner Is Direct-Injection Debate Raising the Bar Homogeneous Charge Catalytic Compression Ignition TBC?

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