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Sanjiva. Muttettuwegama asserts that the best use of switch grass is to convert to pellets.

Switch grass pellets for home heating

He wants to know:

A complete break down will be appreciated very much.

"An analysis of the energy content and the level of alkalai and ash and combustion properties of switchgrass indicates that switchgrass is a versatile feedstock that is well suited to be used in combustion, gasification, and liquid fuel production (McLaughlin et al. 1996)."

To which the Kwanzafied Folks at After Gutenberg respond, "Joe's not here, Man". (Editor's note: No, they most certainly did not; they courteously responded:

Down at the end of "Converting Switch grass as a Bioenegy Crop", under the heading, Similarly Tagged Posts, was a post entitled "Grass Pellets".

At the end of the latter post is a link to Pellet Fuels Institute, which you could investigate further and direct specific questions.

A quick reflection on your request: you seem to be ignoring transportation costs. In a more recent post on the subject, "The Prairie Proposition", I noted how increasing transportation costs could negatively impact a project.)

According to European Pellet Center information, "investment costs vary up to +/- 50%, but the average is approximately 100 Euro for each ton/year capacity. Only in Poland, which was the only CEEC producer of pellets in these case studies, the specific investment costs were only 23 Euro.

Use the Easter Eggs, Muttettuwegama

Put down that bullhorn, you crazy French person.


Right now!

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