Bush’s Green Energy Man

I wonder if Andy Karsner, who is the assistant secretary of energy for energy efficiency and renewable energy, sometimes feels like a fish out of water. I should have asked him that when I went to see him earlier this week, but our time was limited and we spent most of it talking in general terms about the proper role of government in the energy economy. I wrote about Karsner in today's Sustainability column.

Karsner's an energetic and impressive guy, very passionate about climate change and renewable energy. (He got a nice shout-out the other day from Tom Friedman.) He was excited about passage of the energy bill signed this week by the president. Here's how the column begins:

Andy Karsner was in an ebullient mood the other day, and for good reason. Congress had just approved an energy bill, which, despite serious flaws, puts the country on a path that will promote renewable energy, reduce our dependence on oil, dramatically increase energy efficiency and curb the growth in greenhouse gas emissions.

These are all passions of Karsner, a hard-charging entrepreneur who joined the Bush administration early last year, as assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy. He's been pushing a clean energy agenda ever since, and this bill, which the president signed on Wednesday, takes a big step in that direction.

The new law is "historic in size, scope and time frame," Karsner says. "It's truly unprecedented."

You can read the rest here.

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