AP blows the Arctic ice story

The global warming doubters/deniers (here and here) have jumped on a confused AP story about a confused Nature study.

The normally first-rate AP report Seth Borenstein just wrote an article titled “Nature and Man Jointly Cook Arctic” that begins:

There’s more to the recent dramatic and alarming thawing of the Arctic region than can be explained by man-made global warming alone, a new study found. Nature is pushing the Arctic to the edge, too.

There’s a natural cause that may account for much of the Arctic warming, which has melted sea ice, ice sheets and glaciers, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Nature. New research points a finger at a natural and cyclical increase in the amount of energy in the atmosphere that moves from south to north around the Arctic Circle….

The Nature study suggests there’s more behind it than global warming because the air a couple miles above the ground is warming more than calculated by the climate models.

Climate change theory concentrates on warming of surface temperatures and explains an Arctic that is warming faster than the rest of the world as mostly because reduced sea ice and ice sheets means less reflecting solar rays.

Sounds like a hammer blow against global warming being the main cause of Arctic warming. And it might be, except for the small problem that the AP article is mistaken because the Nature article is, to put it kindly, confused.

You can read the real story at RealClimate.

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