9-11 Commission Ten Years after Attacks: We Are Safe-er

The 9-11 Commission got the band back together Wednesday nearly ten years after the attacks to assess progress on implementing their 2004 recommendations intended to make us all safe from al-Qaeda and like-minded creeps. The assessment: We are safe-er. "We are not as secure yet as we can or we should be," Chairman Thomas Kean, the former New Jersey governor, told an audience at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington.

They also renamed the band. It is now the National Security Preparedness group, and seven of the ten members gathered in Washington to review the government's progress.

The commission in July 2004 released a set of 41 recommendations for keeping the country safe. The panel says the government actually did quite well implementing 32 of those suggestions. I won't bother cataloging those here, on account of few folks read the "Plane Lands Safely on Time" story. Let's focus on the failures.

AsĀ  Vice Chairman Lee Hamilton put it, "All of us agree that there is much, much more to do."

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