Idaho began as part of the Northwest Territories in 1843 and became a state on July 3, 1890. The territorial legislature was predminantly Democratic, but since statehood, Idaho is predominantly Republican. Known as the "Gem State," Idaho produces 72 varieties of precious and semi-precious stones. And as many fishermen know, with 3100 miles of rivers, Idaho has more river miles than any other state in the union. The state's official website, has practical information. And click on the navigation menu on the left for news, calendar events and other organizations related to Idaho.

U.S. Congressional Delegation
Senator Larry E. Craig
Senator Mike Crapo
Representative Bill Sali

Representative Mike Simpson

Governor, C. L. “Butch” Otter
Lieutenant Governor, James Risch
Secretary of State, Ben Ysursa
State Controller, Donna Jones
State Treasurer, Ron Crane
Attorney General, Lawrence G. Wasden
State Superintendent, Tom Lun


Andrus Center for Public Policy

The Andrus Center for Public Policy is dedicated to independent, non-partisan policy formation on critical issues confronting Idaho and the United States. During the five years since its founding, it has brought policymakers together at conferences on such subjects as declining populations of bull trout, federal land management policies, and catastrophic wildland fires. It provides a civil, non-partisan forum for the exchange of divergent views on controversial issues, and the white papers that emerge from the conferences reflect consensus findings.

United Vision for Idaho

For 12 years, United Vision for Idaho has helped people from diverse organizations, experiences and perspectives build relationships, learn new skills and share their common values. We are all the richer for it and have made Idaho an better place.

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