Utah is one of the most urbanized states in the nation, with nearly 9 out of 10 residents living in the Salt Lake City area. It is also one of the most religiously homogenous regions, with 62% belonging to the Chuch of Latter Day Saints (Mormon). That fact greatly influences the cultural and political climate of Utah. While Republicans dominate state government, the LDS Church wants to promote a bipartisan approach. Originally part of the Mexican Territory, Utah became a state in 1896. The state's website, http://utah.gov/ has more information. And you can click on the navigation menu on the left for news, calendar events and other organizations related to Utah.


American West Center

The American West Center is a research unit at the University of Utah, affilated with the College of Social and Behavioral Science. For more than forty years the Center has actively worked to provide a greater understanding of the history, development and environment of the American West.

Center for Public Policy and Administration

Our mission: to provide research, education, and services to public and nonprofit organizations that will strengthen administration, leadership and public policy making.

Utah Issues

Utah Issues is a 33 year-old, statewide nonprofit organization, whose mission is to improve the quality of life in Utah by seeking long-term solutions to the problems of poverty through research, education, policy advocacy, asset-based community development, and capacity-building technical assistance for other organizations.

Utah Progressive Network or UPNet

UPNet unites progressive Utahns who share the values of justice and equality. Together we challenge oppression in all its forms; protect democracy and ensure equal access to the political process; promote opportunities for people to exercise their rights and assume their responsibilities as productive members of society; confront threats to civil rights and liberties; challenge our government to become fair, open, and accountable; and promote a sustainable future for all Utahns.

Some news

Utah Rivers Marked for Wild and Scenic Designation

In Utah, the U.S. Forest Service is reviewing over 200 miles of 24 river and stream segments for listing in the national Wild and Scenic Rivers system. However, some conservation groups consider the amount a disappointment because it represents only one quarter of the 840 miles of eligible waterways. Others see any designation as a step in the right direction as Utah currently is one of nine states with no rivers or streams under Wild and Scenic protection.

Western lawmakers hear Navajo concerns over uranium mining

The Navajo Nation's battle to beat back new uranium mining continued Thursday as tribal leaders pressed the U.S. government to halt any new extraction projects on or near the reservation. Navajo President Joe Shirley and other tribal officials joined Rep. Tom Udall, D-N.M., at an informal U.S. House hearing to examine the uranium mining legacy in New Mexico, Arizona and Utah and lingering cleanup problems.

Utah Business Leaders, United Way Propose Health Insurance for All Utahns

Today a think tank comprised of 130 business leaders with help from the United Way will release a draft of their health insurance reform package that promises to make health insurance costs affordable for everyone and deny no one basic care. Current trends indicate health insurance premiums will cost half the median income by 2010. The new plan, supported by the governor's economic and health advisors, will offer coverage from the private market.

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