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Federal Agents Have Killed 44 Wyoming Wolves To Date

According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials, 44 wolves have been killed in Wyoming this year for preying on livestock. This number is on par with last year according to Wyoming wolf recovery coordinator Mike Jimenez. However, the number of predations by wolves is down 60% from 2006.

Wyoming Governor Stumps for Clean Coal Before Senate Committee

Testifying before the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, Wyoming Gov. Freudenthal proposed tax incentives for clean coal technologies similar to those offered for development of wind farms. Freudenthal, leader of the largest coal producing state in the nation, also urged the feds to be more aggressive in limiting carbon emissions and reducing impacts of global warming.

Report Finds Nearly 500 Years Worth of Unleased Coal in Powder River Basin

Federal figures released Wednesday show about 550 billion tons of coal buried in the Powder River Basin which stradles the Wyoming-Montana border. Only 11% of that coal is off-limits to future mining due to laws and restrictions. The report also stated that by year 2030, the West can expect a 68% increase in coal production.

Collapsing Abandoned Coal Mines Expected Cause of Dangerous Gas Leaks

In Rock Springs, Wyoming, residents of the Ash Street neighborhood have been forced into temporary housing due to dangerously high levels of hydrogen sulfide and other gases leaking into their homes from the ground. The source of the leaks are the abandoned coal shafts below the streets. The cause is under investigation; however, the leaks started soon after a company began pounding the ground with 25-ton weights, a process known as dynamic compaction, to collapse the old mine shafts making further above ground development safe.

Nearly Three-Quarters of Public Comments in Favor of Yellowstone Snowmobiling Ban

Of the 122,190 comments collected on the proposed management plan for Yellowstone National Park, 88,900--73 percent of the total--stated snow coaches should be the only motorized transport in the park. Ninety-four percent of the comments said snowmobiles ruin the winter "soundscape." The National Park Service, whose proposal would allow 720 snowmobiles per day, stated it would not make a decision guided by public opinion.

Oil and Gas Industry Adapting to Sage Grouse Needs

In Wyoming the threatened sage grouse, coal-bed methane and oil and gas drilling operations prefer the same landscape. When the bird is in the midst of energy development, populations decline dramatically which lead BLM officials to reduce the number of development permits sparking anger and protests by displaced workers. But now, the energy industry is adjusting to new regulations and even agriculture is taking steps toward sage grouse conservation.

Utah Company to Harness Wyoming Wind

Tasco Engineering is seeking a permit to operate a 36-turbine wind farm in southwest Wyoming. The project, scaled down from a 2006 version of 133 turbines, would be the first wind operation in Sweetwater County.

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