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Salazar wins delay in Roan Plateau plan

Colorado lawmakers have succeeded in postponing the Bureau of Land Management’s plan to allow drilling for natural gas in the Roan Plateau. The state had asked for four additional months to review the plan, but had previously been denied. Senator Ken Salazar had put a hold on the appointment of the BLM’s new director until the state was granted sufficient time.

Energy bill language would limit Roan Plateau drilling

Colorado lawmakers have inserted a provision into the Energy Independence Act that would halt plans to drill for natural gas on the Roan Plateau. Reps John Salazar and Mark Udall have worked to protect the land which is home to deer, elk and other wildlife, and which draws $5 million annually in tourism. The 20-year plan envisions 210 gas wells being built on the federally owned land.

Who'll pay tab for ozone solution?

As Denver's pollution levels continue to exceed EPA requirements, members of the Air Quality Control Commission are debating how to reduce emissions in the city. Some members feel that addressing the pollution means regulating the number of high-emitter vehicles on the road. By reducing levels of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds the commission believes it will reduce asthma and other respiratory problems.

Four Corners plant rates at top in pollution category

A new study by an environmental group shows that the Four Corners power plant emits the most nitrogen oxides of any power plant in the United States. The Environmental Integrity Project also found that Four Corners along with nearby San Juan Generating Station were among the 50 dirtiest power plant for three different pollutants. The group that organized the study says the only way power plants will reduce their emissions is through increased government regulation.

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