With 54 mountains reaching more than 14,000 feet in elevation, Colorado is what many Americans think of when they think about the Rocky Mountain West. But the Centennial State -- Colorado achieved statehood in 1876 -- is not just about snow-capped peaks and alpine meadows. Often overlooked, eastern Colorado is part of the Great Plains, dependent on ranching and dryland farming. And parts of western Colorado have a Great Basin feel. The state's population centers and its high-tech industries hug the Front Range along the eastern edge of the Rockies. For news, calendar events and other organizations related to the state of Colorado, click on the navigation menu to the left.

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Colorado panel considers making healthcare mandatory

The Blue Ribbon Commission has mulled over many different healthcare options for Colorado, including one that would mandate that all citizens carry healthcare or face fines. The commission was formed to develop a healthcare plan for the 700,000 people in that state who are uninsured. Also in the debate are plans outlining Medicaid expansion and universal healthcare coverage funded through a bump in the income tax.

Solar-panel plant could employ 500

A new solar panel factory in the Fort Collins-Loveland area will create 500 new jobs according to AVA Solar Inc. The company will be manufacturing solar panels using a low cost technology developed at nearby Colorado State University. AVA Solar is seen as the largest new “primary employer in northern Colorado.

Roadless forest petition gains

A Colorado petition to keep development off 4 million acres of wilderness has gained the support of a federal advisory committee. The plan was reworded slightly and passed on to the Department of Agriculture who will have the final say. Last year a federal judge overturned a Bush Administration rule requiring states to gain federal approval before denying logging on federal land.

Cooking up more uses for the leftovers of biofuel production

Scientists at Colorado State University are developing ways to make use of glycerol, a byproduct of the production of biofuel. Glycerol is already used in many products including dynamite and soap, but has been produced in surplus due to the increased production of biofuel. One prototype developed uses glycerol to hold grass seeds in place to stimulate germination.

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