TransCanada ?

I just love this headline: "TransCanada Lashes Out at EPA Over Keystone, Asserts Canadian 'Sovereignty" Canada and it's providences have no sovereign rights in America.

TransCanada has already lied about the environmental impact of this Canadian tar sands sludge. Nobody will benefit from this high carbon assault on the environment except China where this disaster is already contracted to go. Exxon has already had one major disastrous leak pumping these tar sands through a worn out pipeline and like all Exxon disasters they have done little to clean up their mess in the town they flooded with this with this environmental disaster that has sickened so many people..

I'm sure Obama and his henchman Kerry have already decided to allow the pipeline and if a republican was in control the pipeline would be up and running at full capacity now. This is a very bad move for America as well as the world.

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