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Wildfire-fighting Costs Under Fire We spend billions attacking almost every wildfire, but scientists say that's bad for the forest, can put firefighters in unnecessary danger and doesn't protect communities as well- or as cheaply - as we now know how … Continue reading

Regional Organizations – list 2

Children’s Action Alliance (Arizona) Children’s Action Alliance is a non-profit, non-partisan research, education and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting the well-being of Arizona’s children and families. Clean Elections Institute (Arizona) The nonpartisan Clean Elections Institute is the premier state-based advocate … Continue reading


Idaho began as part of the Northwest Territories in 1843 and became a state on July 3, 1890. The territorial legislature was predminantly Democratic, but since statehood, Idaho is predominantly Republican. Known as the "Gem State," Idaho produces 72 varieties … Continue reading


Although Nevada is best known for its sparkling city of Las Vegas, it's capital is Carson City. Nevada become a state in 1864. Nevada is now the second fastest-growing state in the nation (recently eclipsed by Arizona as number one). … Continue reading

New Mexico

As a former Vice-Royalty of New Spain, New Mexico has the highest percentage of Hispanics and the second highest percentage of Native Americans of any state. Since its territorial days, Santa Fe has been the capitol. New Mexico became a … Continue reading


Montana's official nickname is the Treasure State. But its unofficial nicknames -- The Last Best Place and Big Sky Country -- better invoke the grandeur of this state that ranks 4th in size but 44th in population. Montana often seems … Continue reading

Wyoming news

Federal Agents Have Killed 44 Wyoming Wolves To Date According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials, 44 wolves have been killed in Wyoming this year for preying on livestock. This number is on par with last year according to Wyoming … Continue reading


Wyoming is the ninth-largest state and, with a population of about a half-million people, the least-populous. Known as the "Equality State," Wyoming was the first state to enfranchise women and the first state to elect a woman as governor (1925). … Continue reading

Colorado Organizations

Bell Policy Center A progressive vision The Bell Policy Center is committed to making Colorado a state of opportunity for all. We seek to reinvigorate the debate on issues affecting the well-being of Coloradans and to promote policies that open … Continue reading


With 54 mountains reaching more than 14,000 feet in elevation, Colorado is what many Americans think of when they think about the Rocky Mountain West. But the Centennial State -- Colorado achieved statehood in 1876 -- is not just about … Continue reading


Home to the Grand Canyon, Arizona joined the union on Feb.14, 1912. It is well known for its dry deserts, but people often forget that its northern regions are forested and cool. It has a history of both Democratic and … Continue reading

Health Care

Western Progress urges the Federal Government to step up to the plate. Many advocates believe the ultimate answer will be universal health care. In the meantime, Senators Russ Feingold and Lindsey Graham have re-introduced the Reform Health Care Now Act … Continue reading


The Rocky Mountain Region in 2007 is seeing lower unemployment and faster economic growth than the rest of the nation, but that doesn’t mean average workers in the Rockies are enjoying fatter wallets. In states like Arizona, where service jobs … Continue reading


Water is the lifeblood of the West. Our eight Rocky Mountain States are primarily dry, and although water has been a “fightin’ word” for most of our history, we still have not come up with adequate ways to fairly distribute … Continue reading